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They Podcast is a miniseries covering the films of John Carpenter beginning in August 2021.


The ultimate Ben's Choice! The March Madness 2021 champion miniseries on the films of John Carpenter has finally arrived. This year's March Madness was totally normal, and Carpenter was the champion of the Ben Bracket and defeated Karen Han's pick Gore Verbinski.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • The tentative schedule was announced in early August, ushering in the start of Carpenter Spooky Season. [1]
  • WHAT.png
    On October 12, 2021, @blankcheckpod tweeted "WHAT" in response to twitter user @AleLogIMDb reporting that when he told Carpenter about the series, he said β€œWow, that’s nice.” [2][3] If true, Carpenter would be the third director to be cognizant of/acknowledge their miniseries, after Nancy Meyers and Gina Prince-Bythewood.


# Title Audio Guest(s) Blank Check? Length Date
336 Dark Star πŸ”Š Emily Yoshida No 2:08 8/8/2021
337 Assault on Precinct 13 πŸ”Š April Wolfe No 2:00 8/15/2021
338 Halloween πŸ”Š Alex Ross Perry The Guarantor 3:16 8/22/2021
339 The Fog πŸ”Š Nia DaCosta Sure? 1:48 8/29/2021
340 Escape from New York πŸ”Š Karen Han 2:18 9/5/2021
341 The Thing πŸ”Š Emily VanDerWerff Yeah (Bounce) 2:46 9/12/2021
342 Christine πŸ”Š Scott Wampler
Eric Vespe
The Rebound 2:11 9/19/2021
343 Starman πŸ”Š Katey Rich 2:35 9/26/2021
344 Big Trouble in Little China πŸ”Š Jason Mantzoukas
Paul Scheer
3:06 10/3/2021
345 Prince of Darkness πŸ”Š Keith Phipps 2:27 10/10/2021
346 They Live πŸ”Š Mike Mitchell
Nick Wiger
2:30 10/17/2021
347 Memoirs of an Invisible Man
348 In the Mouth of Madness
349 Village of the Damned
350 Escape from L.A.
351 Vampires
352 Ghosts of Mars
353 The Ward
Special Features
SF111 Someone's Watching Me! πŸ”Š NA 1:23 9/11/21
SF112 Someone's Listening to Me! 3D Edition πŸ”Š 1:26 9/21/21
SF115 Elvis πŸ”Š Layne Montgomery
Aidan Shepard
NA 1:31 10/11/21
SF116 They Live! (Sunglasses Edition) πŸ”Š Mike Mitchell
Nick Wiger
John Hodgman
2:19 10/17/2021

Ranking His Filmography[]

At the conclusion of the miniseries, the Blankies rankings will compiled from a voting thread found on the r/Blankies sub-reddit.


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