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Titanic - Part One is episode 82 and the first episode in a two-parter focusing on the movie Titanic, as part of the Podinator: Judgment Cast miniseries covering the filmography of James Cameron. Posted 3 Nov 2016.


Joining #TheTwoFriends in the tiny studio, special guests Emily Yoshida and Katey Rich and special special guest Baby Charlie. Awww. Charlie fits right in already, eating on mic - but everyone has to try to watch their language around such young impressionable ears. Darn, fudgin' heck.

These guests reserved the right to appear on any future Blank Check episode that discussed Titanic, and now that episode has arrived! Some great stories about each guest's and host's experiences with seeing this movie before, have to say. Childhood always holds interesting tales.

The idea for this movie took hold in James Cameron's brain after he was given a joke gift. It led to the biggest-budgeted movie ever, at the time - 20 years later, does that budget still show up on screen? Bill Paxton has a nice North Atlantic seafarer outfit - is this the most movie-idol-handsome he's ever looked? Gloria Stewart's performance - was it deserving of an Oscar nom, and how might it compare to another older-actor-named-Gloria-performance-in-a-Blank-Check-movie, that of Gloria Foster in The Matrix?

Why was it that Billy Zane was the main feature on the publicity circuit for this movie? How many times do Kate and Leo make uncomfortable joking references to slavery? Emily watched a documentary about why the real Titanic might not have seen the iceberg in time and it has something to do with a strange airborne weather phenomenon - so is this movie actually about... the sky?

And with that, it's a hard cut to an intermission. The movie had one too in some theaters, so it's okay. Tune in next time for the exciting conclusion in Titanic - Part Two!

Milestones and Ephemera

  • first use of "Connoisseurs of Context"
  • Total running time of movie: 195 minutes (ten reels!!!)
  • Total running time of this two-parter episode: 219 minutes
  • Actual first name of the artist "I dunno, something Picasso": Pablo
  • Old Dogs references: two
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