"Unbreakable" is episode 42 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the Pod Night Shyamacast miniseries covering the filmography of M. Night Shyamalan. Posted 8 Feb 2016.


Matt Patches is invited into the broom-closet-sized studio, as a native Philadelphian, to talk about M. Night's Philadelphia-set movie Unbreakable. The quietest and slowest superhero movie in history!

Teenaged Griffin believed this to be a perfect film. Can he be objective about it these many years later? M. Night Shyamalan was compared to Spielberg starting after this movie - are their instincts and tendencies really comparable? Is this score unreservedly great or is there maybe something that should be removed? Does Shyamalan have a problem with water, and if so might it have something to do with Philly?

To close it out, a Performance Review! Keep in mind that #TheTwoFriends only had the "River of Ham" analogy at their disposal back when this episode was recorded. "Paprika" didn't come into being until.... well..... let's just say it was kinda fun to hear the episode's discussion & dismissal of a sequel to this movie. SPOILER ALERT.

Milestones and Ephemera

  • A shuffling emotionless golem: Bruce Willis
  • Ben's Edits: a montage in the weightlifting scene. "Take it to the limit, dah da dah dah dah."
  • The first X-Men movie, in retrospect: Charming
  • Kimmy Schmidt: Unbreakable
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