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untitled slow christmas compilation volume 1 is a holiday vaporwave album released by Ben Hosley on December 13, 2020.


Producer Ben first teased the album on the Polar Express episode. In the subsequent episode, Hosley confirmed the album was forthcoming and the title was "untitled slow christmas album".

The album features tracks by Hosley, Alex Barron, Chris Wade, Brian Russo, Rachel Jacobs, John Ambrosio, and Harry Nelson.

The album was released on December 13, 2020 on bandcamp. [1]

Track List[]

Track Title Artist Original song Original artist Length
1 "All I Want For Slow Christmas Is You" Alex Barron "All I Want for Christmas Is You Mariah Carey 1:56
2 "Do You Hear What I Slow?" Ben Hosley "Do You Hear What I Hear?" Bing Crosby 5:22
3 "Sum 1 Special (ft. Emilia Clarke & Henry Golding)" Chris Wade "Last Christmas" George Michael 3:48
4 "Little Slow Saint Nick" Ben Hosley 3:07
5 "White Slow Christmas" Alex Barron "White Christmas" 3:12
6 "Heavy Xmas (Slow is Over)" Brian Russo "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" John Lennon & Yoko Ono 3:02
7 "Don’t Slow Shoot Me Santa" Rachel Jacobs "Don't Shoot Me Santa" The Killers 4:02
8 "Grown-Up Slow Christmas" Ben Hosley 2:24
9 "Yuletide Slow Ostinato" John Ambrosio 5:14
10 "Slow Christmas Is Here" Ben Hosley 5:25
11 "Fairytale of the Empire Slow State" Alex Barron 2:27
12 "All I Want For Slow Christmas Is You (Reprise)" Harry Nelson "All I Want for Christmas Is You" Mariah Carey 2:31
13 "Slow Christmas Everyday" Ben Hosley 4:14


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