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Valorie Curry (@valoriecurry on both Twitter and Instagram) is an actress in film and television, and on stage including time at Second City

In addition to roles in "Veronica Mars" and in the Twilight saga, she has appeared in "The Following," "House of Lies," and the Blair Witch remake in 2016.

Most notable for blankies, however, Valorie plays Dot Everest on the Amazon Prime series "The Tick," where Griffin plays Arthur. In other words, Valorie is Griffin's on-screen sister, and they a have good familial bond going!

So before they both went back to work making the second season of their TV show in spring 2018, she stopped in at AudioBoom Studios to appear on the initial installment of the James L. Brooks miniseries Podcast News and talk about his very first film, Terms of Endearment. Notably this was the first time in the show's history that a guest appeared on the first episode of a new miniseries.

Just so you can go awww, here's a pic of Dot and Arthur together from season 1 of "The Tick":

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