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Watch With Us Live @ Union Hall is episode 33 and the bonus supplement to the Revenge of The Podcast miniseries. The episode features a live screening and commentary alongside the entirety of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Posted 30 Nov 2015.


Griffin and David, joined once again by director George Lucas, present a special live bonus episode where they watched Revenge of the Sith and recorded their commentary. Includes amazing past guests, fan favorite segments, new Phantom Menace fan fiction written specifically for the podcast, plenty of Georgie Porgie attempting to justify these terrible movies, and of course, Griffin and David trying to make sense of it all.

Can Ben survive one more viewing of these movies? Can Griffin survive another encounter with George Lucas? Can David survive the assignment of playing ringmaster to this circus in front of a live audience? Hit play and listen along in real time.

Guests appearing at various points include George Lucas [1], Rachel Lang, Morgan Evans, James III, Jonathan Braylock, and Mike Drucker. Murf Meyer and Diana Kolsky participate in a fanfic reenactment.

Recorded at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Originator of the idea for podcasts that discuss movies: Morgan Evans. Copyright! Trademark!
  • Used to make the CGI effects at Industrial Light and Magic: a Cray computer, about three months per shot


DAVID: George, you seem a little winded.
GEORGE: Mace Winded.


  1. May not have been the actual George Lucas