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We Bought a Zoo is episode 71 focusing on the movie of the same name, as part of the We Pod A Cast miniseries covering the filmography of Cameron Crowe. Posted August 21 2016.


Griffin and David this week discuss 2011’s zoo dramedy, We Bought a Zoo. But does the film live up to it’s title? Does someone actually buy a zoo? Together #thetwofriends examine the performances of Elle Fanning, ScarJo and John Michael Higgins as ‘Bad Zoo Boy’, propose better titles, the most embarrassing movie you’ve cried during and ghost Moms. [1]

Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane podcasting. Just 20 seconds of insane podcasting, and I promise you, something PODCAST will come out of it!

Cameron Crowe had disappeared from the film world for years, following the twin disappointments of Vanilla Sky and Elizabethtown as well as a divorce and the loss of his father. Where did he go? How did Tom Cruise get involved in his return and how did zoos come into the picture? And after his last two movie flops, can Crowe stick the landing on this one?

#TheTwoFriends take a closer look at We Bought A Zoo in this context. Much of the story is kind of rote and full of tropes, but the movie also feels Cameron Crowe-y in a way that might reveal him to be a real auteur. That title is terrible... but what else could you call this movie? And the movie is formulaic, but it's charrrrrmmminggggg. But beyond just the director's chair, there's also the matter of the actors. What in the world was going on with the careers of Matt Damon, Scarlett Johannsen, Thomas Haden Church, and Elle Fanning that caused them to intersect on this movie?

Bonus: Ben, David, and Griffin, respectively, share what movie moments have made them cry. And all three have cried embarrassingly at three different dog movies, revealed in a moment that is an undisputed all-time highlight of Blank Check.

Producer Ben comes through with a merchandise spotlight!

This episode is often cited by Blankies as one of the best of the podcast.

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • Credit to Dan D'Addario for coining the future Ben nickname, Say Bennything.
  • First mention of Donald Trump on the podcast. The context: "Fuck you, Donald Trump!"
  • Griffin impression: James Gandolfini
  • David impression: Bob Duca
  • Comedy points awarded to Abbott & Costello: 4,000,000
  • New Ben nickname: Mr. Hositive


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