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West Side Story (also known as Pod Side Casty) is episode 355 focusing on the 2021 film of the same name and part of the Pod Me If You Cast miniseries on the films of Steven Spielberg. Posted December 13, 2021.


They said it couldn’t be done. Remaking possibly the most revered movie musical of all time?! A fool’s errand! But folks, we’ve learned a very important lesson…NEVER DOUBT STEVEN SPIELBERG. Especially when he’s teaming up with Tony “Dank” Kushner! David pinpoints the exact moments he wept during his multiple viewings of this most recent iteration of “West Side Story”; Ben praises all the dust and hot people; Griffin thinks that he probably needs to see it again. Grab your dancing shoes and meet us at the gym - it’s our final episode of 2021, and it’s time to MAMBO, Blankies!

Plus, check out the Slow Xmas 2021 holiday music compilation now on Bandcamp! Please support the bands/artists featured on this album. [1]

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