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Who Framed Roger Rabbit is episode 292 focusing on the 1988 film of the same name as part of the Podcast Away miniseries on the films of Robert Zemeckis. Posted October 4, 2020.


A noir for kids. Disney and Warner Bros characters together for the first and last time. Live action drama with kooky Tex Avery-style animation. There's really no movie quite like Who Framed Roger Rabbit. How long did "bumping the lamp" take? What's a contemporary take on Jessica and Roger Rabbit's relationship dynamics? How does the film's story mirror Hollywood? We invited the Doughboys themselves, Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger to help us find out![1]

Milestones and Ephemera[]

  • We get to hear in real time that Griffin learns Forky won an Emmy! [2]
  • Griffin looked for a Merchandise Spotlight to tie in with the Doughboys. Initially Roger Rabbit was only on cups, but he was eventually included in some "Best of Disney" promotions. Mitch says his dead dad bought the Baby Herman condoms!


MITCH: Where would you rank this as far as noirs go? Is this in your top 5 film noirs?
GRIFFIN: I'm Griffin Newman and I would rank it in my top 5 noirs, but I feel like that answer is weighed by the fact that my biggest complaint with most noirs is "not enough toons."
GRIFFIN: Not to be the cranky old man about but --
DAVID: (grumbles) Kids today...
WIGER: They don't even know about a spinning bowtie gag!
GRIFFIN: The new Looney Tunes on HBO Max are really and have done a really good job of threading that needle between modern sensibilities and the classic rules. They don't feel like they're trying to update them. But I-- who knows-- I feel like the people are watching those are me. Aren't kids.
MITCH: Um I know what we gotta do. We just gotta make a short of Roger Rabbit eatin' Jessica's ass, or vice versa!