The films of Nora Ephron.

This miniseries is preceded by the Mad Pod: Fury Cast miniseries on the films of George Miller. It is followed by the Pod & Basketcast miniseries on the films of Gina Prince-Bythewood.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The first episode is about When Harry Met Sally... which was written by Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner. Ephron had written movies before, but When Harry Met Sally... was such a massive success that it served as the guarantor for her future films.

This miniseries is the second to focus on a deceased director (after Stop Making Podcasts focusing on the films of Jonathan Demme), meaning that there will likely be a completely self-contained miniseries.

Milestones and Ephemera[edit | edit source]

  • At time of release, Lucky Numbers became the longest main feed episode.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

# Title Audio Guest(s) Blank Check? Length Date
275 When Harry Met Sally… Dana Stevens 2:30 6/7/2020
276 This Is My Life Michelle Collins 1:57 6/14/2020
277 Sleepless in Seattle Katey Rich 2:38 6/21/2020
278 Mixed Nuts Charles Rogers 1:58 6/28/2020
279 Michael Kevin T. Porter 2:18 7/5/2020
280 You've Got Mail Bobby Finger
Lindsey Weber
2:12 7/12/2020
281 Lucky Numbers Alex Ross Perry 2:56 7/19/2020
282 Bewitched Dana Schwartz 2:43 7/26/2020
283 Julie & Julia Romilly Newman 2:26 8/2/2020
Special Features
Patreon Hanging Up Sonia Saraiya N/A 1:39 7/10/2020

Ranking Their Filmography[edit | edit source]

At the conclusion of the miniseries, the Blankies rankings will compiled from a voting thread found on the r/Blankies sub-reddit

Rank Griffin David Blankies
1 You’ve Got Mail Sleepless in Seattle
2 Sleepless in Seattle You’ve Got Mail
3 This Is My Life Julie & Julia
4 Julie & Julia This Is My Life
5 Michael Michael
6 Lucky Numbers Mixed Nuts
7 Mixed Nuts Lucky Numbers
8 Bewitched Bewitched
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